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for the busy entrepreneur


The HQ Bundle

These done-for-you Templates were explicitly designed with the overwhelmed entrepreneurs in mind. This bundle will create the digital organization, productivity, focus, and clarity that you have been searching for within your biz. No more wasted time or spinning your wheels. These templates will put you back in your zone of genius, which ultimately leads to more profits and a greater impact!

  • Create your very own digital HeadQuarters for your business
  • No more mindless scrolling through social media or avoiding your to-do list! 
  • Maximize your time and decrease your efforts through digital organization
  • Have this set up in less time than it takes to decide what’s for dinner
  • Three made-for-you board templates (Biz HQ, Weekly Tasks HQ, and Client Management HQ, PLUS BONUS BOARD: Team Management HQ Board) that are easily customizable 
  • This bundle was created using a free project management tool (Trello) but can be easily implemented in other project management tools like Asana or ClickUp

Pricing: $27

Specialty Packages

For the DIYers

This is for the creative entrepreneur types who love running the show but are starting to feel paralyzed by their to-do list. You feel busy AF all day long but end each day feeling as if you haven’t accomplished a damn thing. You realize there has to be a better way to tackle these tasks but don’t want to be tied down by all the boring details, right? You just want someone to swoop in, teach you all the things, and give you back your baby.

Then this package is for you! 

  • I will work with you 1-on-1 to teach you how to create a dreamy calendar that will put you back in your zone of genius
  • I will show you productivity techniques and hacks to have you back in control of your to-do list, and
  • We will take a deep dive into your processes and systems to see where we can delegate and automate tasks to have you working ON your business again versus IN it 

For the Hustlers & CEOs

This is for the boss lady who is growing so rapidly that they are on the verge of burning out, or for the SHEEO exhaustively trying to launch a new course, but the day-to-day operations of their business are putting all these big ideas on the back-burner. You’d rather hand over the keys so you can concentrate on growing your business instead of running it! 

Let me be your right hand! 

  • Calendar & Inbox Management 

  • Operations & Tasks Management

  • Team Management

  • VA Services

Concierge Add On

Digital Organization for the Busy Entrepreneur

  • Inbox

  • Calendar

  • Google Drive 

You can pick one or all three, friend!

About N²

Digital Organization and Executive Assistance for the Busy Entrepreneur

Hey y’all, my name is Dianna, With Two Ns! I am a born and raised Minnesotan; however, I always felt like I was a Southern Belle in my past life. I am a wanderer on a spiritual journey, and the creator and founder of With Two Ns, where I am an Executive VA specializing in digital organization and productivity. 

I am also the creator of The Wanderer’s Book Club, which has allowed me to combine my love for reading and traveling, while also being able to gain relationships with like-minded women in the Twin Cities area.

When I am not helping my clients tackle their “to do” list, or answering emails, you can find me: with a good book in my hands, pouring myself another cup of coffee, and trying to be the cool Auntie to my 12-year-old nephew (preteens, am I right?!). 

You can also find me listening to my music way too loud, planning my next adventure, writing in my daily gratitude journal, and making the peace sign in way too many selfies. 

As I start this next chapter in my life, I am blessed to have the most supportive tribe in my life; without them, none of this would be possible. I could not be any more grateful or excited, as I am right now! 

What my clients say...

To say that Dianna (With Two Ns) is a lifesaver is an understatement. I run a multi six figure business and there are a lot of days I feel like my to do list runs me. Dianna has helped me in a really short period of time get a handle on all my tasks in my business, organize it all without adding more to my plate and freed up more time for me so I can go do more things outside of my business. I wish I had connected with her sooner! Her work is a game changer, hire her. You won't regret it!

Brittney CEO

I hired Dianna (With Two Ns) to help me with my webinars and course launch. She kept my head on straight, made sure everything ran smoothly from the back end of things, and helped me focus on what I needed to be doing on the front end. I considered myself very detailed oriented but somehow Dianna is even more so. She caught things I missed and her suggestions were always spot on. Even down to the sweet way she told me to go get a massage afterwards because she knows I can't stop working and would't schedule it myself. My launch was literally a success because of her. If you need someone to help you with what you actually should be spending your time doing to move your business forward, organization or scheduling assistance, or just helping you on the back end of your business, Dianna is the only option in my opinion.

Mikaela Del Giudice Digital Marketing

I am so grateful that I found Dianna (With Two Ns)! She helped me develop a social media game plan, gave me multiple ideas on how to improve my efficiency, my engagement and interactions on my social media platforms increased greatly, and she supported it with detailed data. Dianna was organized, thorough, detail-oriented, yet also creative and flexible with my needs and schedule. If you are looking for a true partnership and someone who is there to support YOU and help you succeed in whatever your endeavor is, Dianna is the person I would turn to again and again!

Stephanie Johnson

Dianna (With Two Ns) organized my inbox of over 45,000 emails. She cleared our junk from 3 years back, and helped me create a better system. So grateful!


Dianna has responded to my need to get my business into the digital world. As I have little experience with digital, she consolidated and implemented a plan to move forward. Dianna has been patient while being instructive for one who is technologically challenged. She also applies necessary pressure during needed times of clarity. Thank you Dianna for being part of my team!

Reneé C. Feller, MS, APRN/PMH
Integrated Coaching of Baltimore

I am a busy entrepreneur and have always considered myself a highly organized person. I was feeling the overwhelm build up as I have been getting busier and busier with my business and I felt like I was starting to lose control of the organization in my life that I was desperately trying to hold on to! I purchased the HQ Trello Bundle from Dianna (With Two Ns) and OH MY GOODNESS! What a game-changer for me to get all of my business back end items in one spot (finally), but ALSO to organize all of my client's information/work as well! I do business consulting + social media management and her templates are a super helpful and easy way to keep my clients and my (several different) to-do lists for each one of them, super organized! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since using Dianna's resources and honestly - coming from a person who already considered themselves "type-A organized" this is a huge testament to how truly helpful her resources are! Dianna is not only extremely knowledgeable in the areas she serves her clients, but she is a delight to work with, extremely helpful, and very responsive! I would highly recommend working with Dianna or purchasing her resources to anyone feeling overwhelmed with their current organization methods!

Shelby Hayle
The Hayle Co.

I have always been so disorganized in my business, as a lot of us are! When Dianna came out with her HQ Bundle, I knew it was the perfect way to get me organized with a task management system. I honestly didn’t understand Trello much before. I knew that people used it for organization, but I honestly couldn’t get a good routine together with it. The templates inside her bundle really helped me implement a better workflow in my business, as well as a better workflow with my clients. Seriously, if you need help with anything organization related, reach out to Dianna, she’s seriously amazing and so helpful!!

Taylor Bonham

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