Calling All Rebels & Creatives:

Let me guess, you think not having any routines or time blocks keeps the creative juices flowing, and you’re living freely, right?!

If the correct answer was yes, this post wouldn’t be showing up in your feed now would it?

Listen, I cannot tell you how many creative entrepreneurs and biz badasses have told me they do not wish to be tied down by calendars or time blocks. If I had a dollar…

Here is what living “freely” is costing you:
+ Time
+ Working with intention and purpose
+ Money

Creating systems and organizations within your biz are not sexy, but it is 100% necessary!

I know it probably feels overwhelming and hard, but I got you! 

Here are a few quick tricks to stop your rebellion and honor thy calendar!
Remember who made that calendar in the first place and why
Change your perspective to think of this routine as a gift, not a punishment
Your calendar and time blocks are there to work for you, not against you

Do you rebel against your calendar?

Now go on with your bad self!