The HQ Bundle

Pricing: $27

  • This is for the creative entrepreneurs who are drowning in their disorganization. 
  • This is for the busy CEOs wasting so much time and effort spinning their wheels because they have no idea where to start. 
  • This is for the hustlers who notice the lack of clarity in their business is starting to harm their personal life as well.
  • This is even for the boss lady who prides herself in being organized but has spread herself thin, trying to locate things in the hundreds of systems she uses.

Listen, I have been all of the above, I feel you! That is precisely why I created the HQ Bundle! Initially, I made it for myself as a way to have an HQ for all things biz related, but it quickly turned into the answer I didn’t even know I was looking for. After working with clients who all have the same pain points, I saw a need for me to share this with y’all! It has been a game-changer, and my mama always taught me to share!

These “done-for-you” boards are going to have you organized, productive, and feeling a thousand pounds lighter, I promise!

What’s included:

  • A Welcome Video that walks you through the boards and how to use them
  • Three Customizable Templates: Biz HQ Board, Weekly Tasks HQ Board, and a Client Management HQ Board (BONUS BOARD: Team Management HQ Board)
  • Multiple Checklists (client onboarding just got a heck of a lot easier, y’all!) 
  • How To Instructions (need help creating a welcome e-mail? I got you!)
  • These templates aren’t just for business, it can easily be used in your personal life as well.
  • Designed in Trello but can be implemented on any Project Management Tool (ex: Asana, ClickUp, etc.) 
  • BONUS I: Team Management HQ Board
  • BONUS II: Your Productive AF Calendar Prep Workbook
  • Immediate access to the bundle upon receipt. Do not exit before you get the chance to watch the video and copy your boards, friend!

Board Descriptions:

  • Biz HQ: No longer waste time searching for another link, document, or hex code ever again! Your entire business will be right at your fingertips! 
  • Weekly Tasks HQ: Start your day off with gratitude, keep your monthly goals at the forefront of your mind, and become a productivity Khalessi with this board! 
  • Client Management HQ: Client onboarding and management just got a heck of a lot easier. Customizable checklists and instructions to impress your clients and have them referring you out like crazy!
  • BONUS BOARD: Team Management HQ Board. Did you just up-level your business by adding a member to your team? Of course, you did, boss! But are you now spinning your wheels because you are unsure how the heck to get them onboarded? I got you! This board will make their onboarding experience so seamless and exceptional that they immediately feel seen and appreciated! We all know how people show up when they feel appreciated, right?!
Digital Organization and Executive Assistance for the busy entrepreneur

Hey, y’all! My name is Dianna, With Two Ns! I am an Executive Assistant who specializes in digital organization and productivity.

As an online entrepreneur myself, I know how easy it is for the e-mails, files, graphics, and to-do lists to pile up. Although I pride myself in being highly organized, I have had my fair share of digital chaos throughout my first year of business and saw firsthand how that negatively impacted my productivity and profits. 

I didn’t know where to start because everything was a straight-up hot mess, and I would be mindlessly going back and forth between tabs trying to spark some motivation. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous amounts of notes and links saved on my phone,  the number of files in my Google Drive, and all the tasks on my Google Calendar, you name it, my “organization” was causing major overwhelm! 

I couldn’t understand how all of my “systems” were organized (or so I thought), but I was spending way too much time locating things across those platforms. Trying to find this link or that hex code kept me from doing the things that really brought in profits. 

I was over it and decided that if I wanted to up-level, I needed to create my own type of digital HeadQuarters for my biz. Before I knew it, I was falling in love with Trello and watching my productivity increase with less effort on my end. It finally felt like I had control of the backend of my business, clarity on what I needed to be doing, and more time for the things that truly mattered.

After obsessively talking about it to my partner and biz besties, they urged me to share this with other entrepreneurs who are also struggling with their productivity and organization, and y’all, I am so fricken stoked to share it! 

So, if you’re ready to become the CEO of your biz and design a digital HeadQuarters for yourself, then these templates are for you! If you are prepared to create systems and organization in your backend, increase profits, and become a productivity Khaleesi, this bundle is for you! 

Can you picture it now? [Your Business Name Here] Headquarters! 

Now go on with your bad self,

Dianna (With Two Ns)

What people are saying...

I am a busy entrepreneur and have always considered myself a highly organized person. I was feeling the overwhelm build up as I have been getting busier and busier with my business and I felt like I was starting to lose control of the organization in my life that I was desperately trying to hold on to! I purchased the HQ Bundle from Dianna (With Two Ns) and OH MY GOODNESS! What a game-changer for me to get all of my business back end items in one spot (finally), but ALSO to organize all of my client's information/work as well! I do business consulting + social media management and her templates are a super helpful and easy way to keep my clients and my (several different) to-do lists for each one of them, super organized! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since using Dianna's resources and honestly - coming from a person who already considered themselves "type-A organized" this is a huge testament to how truly helpful her resources are! Dianna is not only extremely knowledgeable in the areas she serves her clients, but she is a delight to work with, extremely helpful, and very responsive! I would highly recommend working with Dianna or purchasing her resources to anyone feeling overwhelmed with their current organization methods!

Shelby Hayle
The Hayle Co.

I have always been so disorganized in my business, as a lot of us are! When Dianna came out with her HQ Bundle, I knew it was the perfect way to get me organized with a task management system. I honestly didn’t understand Trello much before. I knew that people used it for organization, but I honestly couldn’t get a good routine together with it. The templates inside her bundle really helped me implement a better workflow in my business, as well as a better workflow with my clients. Seriously, if you need help with anything organization related, reach out to Dianna, she’s seriously amazing and so helpful!!

Taylor Bonham


Trello is a FREE project management tool that can be used on your desktop or on your phone via their app (remember when I said you could have your own HQ right at your fingertips?!)

Although these templates were designed in Trello, you can recreate these boards and concepts in other project management tools, like Asana or ClickUp. In fact, I have taken my Biz HQ Board and redesigned it for a client using Asana.

The bundle is ONLY $27! Yeah, I am practically giving it away at this price, but I love ya! xx

Due to the nature of this product, there will be no refunds available.

I am not affiliated or endorsed with Trello. I am just a lover, is all!